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About The Special Ninja Learning Academy

The Special Ninja Learning Academy (SPEN) is a one-of-a-kind online space for students with learning, neurological and intellectual problems. With a team of professional Special educators and Counselors, students with alternative learning needs ​(learning disability: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, slow learning, autism, high functioning down-syndrome, ADHD, ADD, mild to moderate intellectual disability)​ will be able to navigate through all the learning problems they face in mainstream schools. The Special Ninja Learning Academy revolutionizes the way students learn online by engaging with them through their dominant learning styles and using a scientific approach to enable them to reach their highest potential. The Special Ninja Online Remedial teachers adopt the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Arts Based Therapy in their sessions.

our team

The Special Ninja Learning Academy Team consists of Special Educators, Remedial Teachers and Mental Health Practitioners. With a combined experience of over 30 years, the SPEN Team educators strongly believe in improving the learning experiences of every child.


Pooja Joshi

Founder - Mimaansa/ Co-Founder - The Special Ninja Learning Academy

Pooja Joshi started her career at the age of twenty one as a Humanities and Language (English, French) teacher across international and state board schools. During her stint in international schools, she had access to the ‘Resource room’ a space where children with learning difficulties are taught in isolation for specific subjects. It’s here that she learned about ‘Inclusive education’, which is also mandated by the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan [SSA] and the Right To Education [RTE]. She was always intrigued by the way children learn and what exactly sets a ‘Bright’ student apart from the one who ‘Can Do Better’. Armed with a M.Sc in Counselling & Psychotherapy from IPMS, Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming from NFNLP, Florida, Masters in Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute and Post Graduate Diploma in Specific Learning Disabilities from SIES, Mumbai she founded the not-for-profit organisation.
     During the course of founding Mimaansa she also won a scholarship from S.P Jain and went on to complete her Post Graduation in Social Entrepreneurship from the Institute. Pooja loves baking, gardening and her pets Feni, Honey and Mishti. Her favourite authors are Paulo Coelho and P.G Wodehouse.


Avantika Joglekar

Co-Founder The Special Ninja Learning Academy

Avantika began her career at the age of 21 after completing her Bachelors in French Literature from the University of Mumbai, Kalina. She has been a private tutor for over 15 years and has also taught in International schools. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, French, and has working knowledge of Gujarati, Konkani, Italian and Spanish. After a decade-long successful career in PR and Operations with several Multinationals, Avantika decided to break away from a corporate career and began working with Pooja at Mimaansa in 2019 as Fundraising and Communications Manager. While working with Mimaansa, she discovered the challenges and realities of students with Learning Problems in India. She loves to read Crime and Fiction and is passionate about learning new languages.
     Together, Pooja and Avantika have co-founded the Special Ninja Learning Academy in 2020 to make Remedial Education accessible to students across the country in the comfort of their homes. Conceived and designed using their cumulative experience, they are the pioneers in propounding the Response to Intervention model and facilitating online Inclusive Education and Mental Health Support with the Special Ninja Learning Academy.

The Three Main Verticals Of The Special Ninja Learning Academy are:

    • The SPEN Learning Academy Kit customized for individual learning needs
      The Online Remedial Education and Mental Health Support by Special Educators and Counsellors
      Trainings for mainstream school teachers to better accommodate students with learning disabilities in classrooms.

    • Diagnostic Assessment Tools: SPECIAL NINJA LEARNING ACADEMY uses Curriculum Based Assessment Tests in English and Marathi recognised by all Education Boards in India. We use a combination of validated testing tools for determining the strengths of your child. This assessment is conducted online by a Special Educator. This step enables the SPEN TEAM to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and provide a corresponding learning solution to your child. After completion of the assessment, a thorough diagnosis of the child’s learning needs is provided. The diagnosis highlights the strengths of the child and identifies the challenges he or she faces in their learning journey.
    • Expertise in Special Education: A Team of Special Educators and Mental Health Practitioners enable the child to learn as per their Learning Style. The SPEN Learning Academy assigns a Special Educator best suited for your child’s learning requirements. The duration of each session is 45 minutes. The frequency of the sessions will be decided post Initial Assessment and the subsequent diagnosis.
    • Individualised Education Plans: Scientific Approach to goal setting in child’s learning journey, unique to his or her strengths. The SPEN Team creates IEP’s that will help your child set realistic goals throughour his or her journey. IEP’s are reviewed regularly taking into consideration the changing strengths and interests of the child.
    • Mental Health Support : Psychometric Assessments and Counselling support to facilitate the learning journey. The SPEN Learning Academy lays strong emphasis on mental health and well-being in the course of every child’s learning journey. The SPEN Team also comprises of Mental Health Practitioners like Counselors, Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Psychotherapists and Arts Based Therapists. During the course of the Online Remedial Support the child receives Counselling support, as and when needed. Team SPEN encourages the parents and care-givers to attend the counselling sessions designed to help them help their children better.
    • Customized SPEN Learning Box : A box of learning material curated specifically for your child to aid the process of learning. Following the diagnosis, a SPEN Learning Box is curated for the specific needs of your child depending on his or her unique learning style. The customized box contains teaching aids and material that stimulate your child’s specific learning style.


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